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Gostujuće predavanje "Embodying Gaming – Entangling virtual and actual at computer game festivals" Ruth Dorothea Eggel

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Embodying Gaming – Entangling virtual and actual at computer game festivals

Ruth Dorothea Eggel, Department of Archaeology and Cultural Anthropology

University of Bonn

Gaming became a popular entertainment for a majority of the population globally. A growing number of events is dedicated to celebrating virtual games in locally situated conventions. My research project on computer game events shows how virtual worlds are rebuilt, bodies decorated and computers modded, to create a colorful spectacle. The festivals invite the intensive use of digital media and make virtual worlds a “real life” experience. Play becomes a frequent mode of interaction that enables to solve problems creatively and grow beyond oneself. Thus gaming events exemplify dynamics of contemporary entanglements of virtual and actual practices, objects and communities.

Ruth Dorothea Eggel is a teaching and research assistant and PhD student at the Department of Cultural Anthropology at Bonn University, Germany. She studied Cultural Anthropology/European Ethnology and Gender Studies in Graz, Austria. Her dissertation focuses on large scale gaming events in Europe, at the intersection of digital anthropology and popular culture, with the working title: "Embodying Gaming. Negotiating Gamer(‘s) Bodies at Gaming Events"

She is chair-member of the "going digital"-working-group of "dgv – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Volkskunde" (www.goingdigital.de), co-editor of the scientific journal “Kuckuck. Notizen zur Alltagskultur” (www.kuckucknotizen.at) and co-founder of the academic blog “Alltagswelten. Bonner Perspektiven der Kulturanalyse" (alltagswelten-blog.de)

3.5. 2022.

17.00 -19.00

Multimedijalna dvorana (Novi Kampus)