Odjel za etnologiju i antropologiju

Interactions, juxtapositions, imbrications religieuses dans les Balkans (XX-XXIe siècles)


Voditelji projekta: dr. sc. Dionigi Albera (CNRS, Idemec, AMU) i dr. sc. Manoël Pénicaud (CNRS, Idemec, AMU)

Projekt odobrila: École Française d’Athènes (EFA)

Trajanje projekta: 2022.-2026.


Suradnici: Dionigi Albera (CNRS), Karen Barkey (UC Berkeley), Anna Bigelow (Université de Stanford), Maria Chiara Giorda (Université Roma 3), Laura Jiga Iliescu (Académie Roumaine des Sciences), Mario Katić (Université de Zadar), Manoël Pénicaud (CNRS), Fotini Tsibiridou (Université de Macédoine), Vassiliki Yiakoumaki (Université de Thessalie).


Sažetak: Entitled “Religious interactions, juxtapositions, imbrications in the Balkans (XX-XXI centuries)”, this research project asks the key question of the crossing of religious boundaries by the members of different denominations. As a part of the larger research field on “shared sacred spaces” and religiosities in the Mediterranean world, it will focus specifically in the Balkans conceived as a “contact zone “and a key area to deepen knowledge and refine analytical frameworks.